Our Story

Our Story


“ the emotions we experienced while eating,
the myriad colourful stories shared at the table ”

Food memories are often emotive, transformative and at times… contemplative. More importantly, it’s always contextual – who prepared the meal, where we had the meal, who we had the meal with, the emotions we experienced while eating. The name Puff Fiction is a play on the layers of puff pastry and the myriad colourful stories shared at the table.

Puff Fiction is a delivery-only culinary concept by Chef-Owner François Mermilliod of Bar-A-Thym fame, with an exclusive focus on Wellingtons & Pies.

Chef François’ signature Beef Wellingtons are freshly baked to order each day, and made from the finest Cape Grim premium-grade beef, foie gras, button mushrooms, herbs and wrapped in a delicate puff pastry.

Cape Grim Beef from Tasmania is Australia’s finest 100% grass fed beef. It is completely free of hormone growth promotants (HGPs) and naturally marbled for maximum juiciness and flavour. Certified humane.

Equally delightful is the Ocean Trout Wellington – made with Petuna Ocean Trout, baby spinach and mushrooms. Petuna Ocean Trout is often referred to as the wagyu of the sea™ and lauded for its purity of flavour and succulent texture.

Each order comes with a side of Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Seasonal Vegetables and a bottle of Wellington Sauce – and packed in a beautiful gourmet box.

They are a joy to share with friends and loved ones and make wonderful gifts for holidays and special occasions.

Puff Fiction Delicious Ocean Trout Wellington

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